September 4, 2017

Back to School Clip Cards


Clip cards are one of my very favorite early finisher activities. They are easy to prep, store and use. And, my first graders love using the clothes pins.


I made these to use for the first few weeks back in school- but they can easily be used year round as extra practice and review.


Some of the skills included are: alphabet, beginning sounds, ending sounds, numbers, color words and number words.

PicMonkey Collage1[5]

I like to keep them in these crayon boxes for easy storage. They fit perfect and a student can just grab a box and find a quiet spot to work.

PicMonkey Collage2[6]PicMonkey Collage3[3]

You can find these in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store..

Quick Link: Back to School Clip Cards

I have several other sets of clip cards in my store if you are interested..

 fallclipcards IMG_8238springclipcards

September 3, 2017

Story / Word Problems


Do you call them story or word problems? I am guilty of both.. so I teach my kids both terms. Because, one day I call them story problem the next day word problems. So, it’s best they just know both terms!

But one thing is for sure… my kiddos can solve them like champs!

Because, we do one together and I model it almost everyday!

I use these handy little cards shown below…


These story/word problem cards are not a new product. I have actually had them since 2013. (I went and looked up the date I listed them on teachers pay teachers just to see how many years I have been using them). They have been a life saver during our math block.


I mostly use them during our whole group math time. I place one under my document camera so everyone can see it on the white board. And, I have my students complete it independently first. Then, we do it together to check to see if they got it correctly.

There are colored and black and white versions included. I have had a lot of teachers tell me they use these in their students’ interactive notebooks. The black and white ones are perfect for notebooks or math journals.


But, you could also use them as task cards or in math centers. They are really versatile and there is 72 different cards included- so enough to use all through the year!

And, the best part is that you seriously can just print and use! No extra prepping! That is my favorite kind of resource!

You can find these in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store..

Math Story/Word Problems

August 22, 2017

Teachers Pay Teachers One day SALE!


Did you miss the TpT Back to School Sale earlier this month? Or do you just need a few  more things? Well, today is your lucky day! Teachers Pay Teachers is having a one day boost sale! My whole store is on sale AND if you enter the promo code: btsbonus you get even more savings!

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August 20, 2017

Weekly Recap (Week 2)

I’m back with a few pictures from our second week of school. Time is flying by! We start week 3 tomorrow. And, I seriously believe this has been the easiest back to school ever! That doesn’t mean I have a perfect class.. BUT, my new little school babies have transitioned so well and have just picked up on our class procedures like champs!

I do wish I would remember to pick up my phone more and take pictures. But, here are a few things we did this past week.


These missing letter cards were a huge hit. With me and my students. They liked them BUT I loved them! They were so easy to just pass out and put to use. We did some as practice during our whole group mat time. Then, through out the week when I needed an early finisher activity I had them ready to go. I split them into 5 baskets so I could jut hand over a basket when I needed it.

IMG_3390 IMG_3392

They were perfect hands on alphabet ordering practice. You can find them in my store with the link below.


Quick Link: Missing Letter Cards


Our Meet the Teacher/Open House was this week and this was one of the things I had hanging up to show parents. These FIVE THINGS make us great first graders and we repeat them a lot the first weeks of school. I made this into a free download if you can use them.

Free Download: I am a good first grader! Cut and Paste printable.


We needed a little fun art project to fill up an empty wall and these Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees were fun! I don’t have the patterns but seriously it is just a tree shape and alphabet stickers. I got the stickers from Dollar General. There are 6 sheets in the pack for $1.00- so that was a win!


We also used my Chicka Chicka centers this week.

Quick Link: Chicka Chicka Centers


And, here is proof that sometimes you have to throw it back to the old school days. I wish that I could tell you that I had these cards tucked away from the “old days”!! But, nope! I made these handwritten unscrambling sentences before school one day this past week. I also tuck these into one of my student’s take home binders to keep when we are done. It is perfect practice for them to do at home and I am not given away one of my resources that took time and effort to prep.


I also cannot tell you how much I use and adore these cat counting cards. We are mainly using them as number identification right now. But, some of my littles that needed some brain stretching were asked to put them in order from least to greatest.


Quick Link: Cat Counting Cards

Happy Teaching Friends!

♥ kacey

August 15, 2017

Missing Letter Cards


Keeping with my current theme.. here is another SIMPLE hands on activity for back to school. I am all about keeping things low key: easy to prep, easy to store and easy to use!

I like to have activities that we can do whole group during our mat time each morning but also available to use with partners or in small group times. But, can also be used independently as an early finisher or just as a time filler throughout the day. These missing letter cards are perfect!


Included are:

Uppercase & Lowercase

Letters Before

Letters After

Letters Between

.. and the missing letter “answer cards”


These are designed completely in black and white.

Print on colored paper to save on ink.

I printed my “answer cards” all on one color for easy identification.


Other ways to use these cards..

  • Write the answer on the back and let students use them as flashcards with a partner.
  • Pick the cards you want to use and number them. Pair them with a recording sheet and have students write the missing letter.
  • Use magnetic letters or letter tiles you might have instead of the answer cards included.

These also fit great in a pocket chart! But, we also use them on the floor or at our tables.

Quick Link: Missing Letter Cards

August 12, 2017

First Week Fun


This past Monday was my first day back to school. (year #18 for me). Don’t hate me too much that I am lucky or extremely blessed to only have 11 little first grade friends this year. (I got one more since I put this board up!). I have had 16-18 the last few years so this seems like a teeny tiny class to me!

This is my hallway bulletin board that is beside my door. My mom made my curtain for me and I bought the little honeycomb garland online. But, I am really not happy at the quality of it. So, I am not sharing where I purchased it from! HA!


I had my kids color this first grade coloring sheet while we were taking care of some first day business- it kept them busy and then I took pictures of each one holding up the signs. You can download these free in this blog post.


I like to have my students do some of our pocket chart activities as they get up to leave the mat – it teaches them how to do the activity so they can do it independently later on.


This color word matching activity is in my new Color Words Matching Set.


We also did these “I see..” printables each day! I have done these for the last few years and they are a PERFECT fit for my first week of school. They go along with Brown Bear but they also help with introduction to how to write sentences. I just really love these!


These are in my store- I see Animal Sentences. There are 30 different printables in the pack to choose from. I like the ones that go along with Brown Bear- but there are lots of options!


Another activity we did this week was I had them cut and spell their names. These always turn out cute and we definitely need the practice of spelling names!


The letter cards are included in my Back To School Pack.

We did so much more this week that I just simply forgot to document! Overall week #1 was a success. I am dead tired (as expected) but it was a great start.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Here are links to some of my other back to school products.


Next week is all about that fun blue cat we all love!

August 7, 2017

Color Word Matching


A few days ago I shared a color and number word sorting center that I created to use for the first weeks of school. Here is another center that I will be putting to use at the beginning of school.


It’s all about matching color words.


Included are 10 sets of picture cards that you match with the correct color word.


These fit great in a pocket chart but I also plan to use them with my students on the table or floor. They are just a simple matching activity that doesn’t take up much space!


I stored mine in these little mini boxes that you get 2/$1.00 at Dollar Tree.


Also included are these printables that are perfect if you need a little extra something… for early finishers, morning work or even as a quick little assessment.


These sheets fit perfect in my dry erase pockets (from Amazon)


I also love my little erasers too. I saw these at Walmart or you can get them on Amazon too.


So, you get all 10 sets of cards + 10 printables in this set.

Quick Link: Color Word Matching